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Web Development

While working at Inkling, I have worked on websites for a variety of clients. Many of these sites were built in Webflow, using both static pages and CMS collections. 

Web Development

In my time at SpotCo I've developed a wide variety of sites for various Broadway shows. I was responsible for the initial launch of the site for the hit musical Hamilton. I've worked on site launches, redesigns, and other web projects for shows like HadestownKinky Bootsand Waitress (among many others). I've also been involved in building small websites for a variety of pitches to help the agency land new business. I love Broadway and it's an amazing feeling to know I've had a small part in the success of such an incredible array of productions.

Silverback Strategies
Web Development

During my brief time with Silverback Strategies one of my main projects was building the new company website and continuing to add features (such as a podcast section) as the marketing team needed it.

Big Damn TV Geek
Creator, Website Development, Video Production

I'm a self-proclaimed TV addict, and maintained a blog (featuring many video blogs) about the topic from 2012 - 2016. After some changes in my personal life, the project kind of fell off my radar. That said, I created a redesign for my Visual Design class in 2016 that I'm really proud of (even though it was never implemented).

Retreat to Broadway
Website Design + Development, Video Production

A dear friend of mine created this nonprofit dedicated to creating and organizing retreat programs focused around Broadway shows. I have assisted with web design, development, and Indiegogo video production for this project.

Emerald Expositions
Web Development

My main responsibility at Emerald Exposition was to modernize various trade show sites and blogs that were under our company umbrella. It was extremely satisfying to take so many sites from out-of-date messes to sleek, responsive, and functional projects. 

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